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Whether it is the nationwide information technology infrastructure for the Transportation Security Administration, baggage security equipment for US Air Force bases worldwide, integrated voice and data communications systems for US Department of Energy nuclear facilities, or a power plant in Washington, DC, for the General Services Administration, our team has played a prominent role in developing a successful capture strategy for our vendor partners.

Our knowledge of information technology has facilitated the financing of more than 100,000 personal computers, software and networking equipment under managed services contracts and equipment leases. We have assisted the DoD in developing creative financing solutions for various enterprise software license agreements, thus allowing the government to match the annual expenditures to the forecasted budget. Working with utilities and energy services companies, we have financed more than $500 million in long-term energy conservation projects, ranging in size from $100,000 to more than $65,000,000.

From structuring and financing energy-efficient equipment for the US Department of State abroad, to military facilities in 25 states, our team has played a vital role in meeting the government’s objective of reducing its energy consumption. And beyond that, we serve companies in the aerospace industry, homeland security, office equipment, medical systems, construction and transportation services.

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