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With our detailed knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulations, we ultimately craft a creative financial and contractual structure designed to offer the government the lowest evaluated cost. Through our partnership with our clients, we participate in pre-submission strategy sessions as well as government negotiations. Throughout the complex and protracted bidding process, which includes the submission of “best and final” offers, our team is dedicated to deploying the highest quality professional resources.

Dominion Federal provides the expertise associated with structuring financial solutions for all leasing plans including: Lease to Ownership Plans (“LTOPs”), Lease with Option to Purchase Plans (with a fair market value purchase option) and Installment Purchase Plans (“IPPs”). Alternatively, we provide valuable assistance in developing strategies for a range of managed services contracts as well as usage-based offerings.

In addition to lease financing, Dominion Federal offers construction or pre-acceptance project financing. Depending upon the project and the type of assets and services financed we will structure a very competitive program enabling our client to match their costs and expenses with the cash flow necessary to fund the project.

Post-award, Dominion Federal will implement a state-of-the-art administrative system designed to efficiently process documentation, track assets and manage collections throughout the term of the contract. We are well established in unique back-office functions associated with private label invoicing, follow-up collections and annual contract renewals. At Dominion Federal we are dedicated to developing integrated end-to-end solutions for our clients resulting in greater productivity.

We firmly believe that all forms of finance contracts must be flexible. And in order to properly serve the customer there must be communication and access to time-sensitive data regarding the assets financed. In that regard, Dominion Federal is committed to providing customers the opportunity to upgrade or refresh their technology. Throughout the life of the contract Dominion Federal works with its clients, and their government customers, to implement a strategy to efficiently manage assets.

Dominion Federal has a General Services Administration (“GSA”) schedule contract. Our GSA schedule contract is a very useful vehicle that enables all agencies to issue lease orders for any class of equipment or software. Through the use of a Teaming Agreement, Dominion Federal will work with the ordering agency and our client to provide a flexible lease plan designed to meet the customer’s funding profile.

Help Our Clients Win More Business: Through highly competitive rates and creative financial structures, our clients enhance their competitive position and drive more business opportunities.

Increase Product Profitability: Using Dominion Federal’s strong residual value capabilities, FMV buyout leases will serve to increase our clients’ margins.

Accelerate Orders: By using more readily available Operations and Maintenance (“O&M”) funds coupled with Dominion Federal’s streamlined process for the generation of purchase orders, our clients can maximize quarterly and year-end revenue.

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